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Karen Harper, author of novels of suspense set in past and present

British Historicals

The Queen's Governess, British Edition
Shakespeare's Mistress, British cover

Karen’s latest historical novels are also published by Random House UK under the Ebury imprint.  The British covers are different from the USA Penguin Covers, and two of the titles have been changed in the UK.

THE QUEEN’S GOVERNESS title is the same, but MISTRESS SHAKESPEARE has been retitled SHAKESPEARE’S MISTRESS and MISTRESS OF MOURNING has been retitled THE QUEEN’S CONFIDANTE.  If you have a preference for either title or for one cover or the other, please let Karen know and why—she’s curious what you think.

The British releases have been making bestseller lists in the UK called “Heatseekers Lists,” which means they are just behind the top sellers there.  When THE QUEEN’S GOVERNESS was released in the UK, the publisher hand-stickered the books with “As good as Philippa Gregory or your money back,” which no doubt gave the book a big boost.  (That quote is from a review of THE QUEEN’S GOVERNESS from Library Journal which read “Well-paced and full of pitch–perfect detail, Harper’s novel brings new life to an old subject and, as good as the best of Philippa Gregory, is sure to be a big hit with historical fiction fans and book clubs.”)

For more detailed information on these three novels, see the page called HISTORICAL NOVELS on this website.


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